Uoons! Kiosk program are the ideal opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur and youth of India who has always dreamed of owning a small business. With a low initial investment, Uoons! Kiosks program are easy to run and easy to scale, with minimal investment and a small shop size. The business module already successful throughout the country, so Uoons! Kiosks program are the perfect entree into a new career as a small business owner.

Uoons! Kiosks program are designed to showcase the verity of mobile accessories with premium quality for our premium clients. Uoons! Kiosks program not only look for sales, but they also committed for service & satisfaction of customers.

The majority of the Uoons! executive team not only has significant experience in growing mini franchise systems, but they also have been franchisees themselves. They worked to devise a business model that requires no business experience — only the drive to follow proven systems and take care of customers.

For the first-time entrepreneur, Uoons! kiosks boast not only a simple-to-run and quick-to-scale business model, but also the benefit of being luxurious signature features of business that have high foot traffic. The kiosks were designed for both sales and service, and the model has been successful in India, where customers across every demographic are just as enthusiastic about our serving attitude.

The Uoons! executive team leverages those relationships on the behalf of our kiosk owners to secure the best possible business terms. For new kiosk owners, this is a tremendous asset for two reasons:

1) New kiosk owners get a potentially faster return on investment
2) They get help navigating the tricky and complicated customer’s negotiation process.

This means that new kiosk owners can open quickly and focus on growing their businesses. We’ve tested our business model in many area, and our success has fostered a deep relationship with clients.

Uoons! has grown to hundreds of locations across the nation, and its proven business model continues to flourish in Indian market. Uoons! is actively seeking investors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about spreading own business and income source. With start-up costs only at Rs. 25000/- for a kiosk, Uoons! offers investors a low initial investment with potential for a high return.

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