How do I book a service with Uoons?

You can book a service from visiting our website, go to services and fill your details or you can also go to directly (Book an instant appointment) It’s as easy as Book, Schedule & Relax. Book a service, schedule a time and relax while the job gets done at your home by our expert team. You can also call our support team on 9174-000456.
1. Enter your exact requirement along with a schedule that works best for you.
2. Our customer care executive will call you to confirm your requirement and location, if your schedule appointment is after 3 hours from the time of booking appointment then our team might also call you before the visit.

Your candidate are qualified and genuine?

Absolutely! We only bring in professionals who have been recommended and certified by experts. We conduct interviews, verify original valid I’d proof and documents check referrals and do background verification physically on each and every person. Only those professionals who pass our strict on boarding process are allowed to work with Uoons. All professionals are also required to complete an assessment test to verify their qualifications.Still we extremely recommended to our customer that someone senior person is available at the time of visitor.

How I verified that visited candidate is authorized by Uoons?

When you registered your service via our website, you will get your service request number which one we provide only to those candidate who visited at your place, also we provide information about our visiting candidate. First you can ask for service request number then you must see authorized and valid employee I’d card.

What happens if the service provider damages anything?

All of our service providers have passed through a vigorous assessment and certification process. In the unlikely event of our team damaging something, you can email us at care@uoons.comor give a call to our support team on 9174-000456

What happens if our candidate does not arrive on time?

We immediately arrange for a replacement and schedule a time convenient to you to do the job or register a cancellation of the service requested.

What happens in case the requested service takes more time than expected?

We at Uoons understand that your time is valuable and are always striving to limit the time spent by service providers at your home. However the agents are trained to update you if the job might take longer than expected. Please do expect a buffer of half an hour more or less than the stated time to complete the task.

How doI reschedule my appointment with Uoons?

Please do email us at care@uoons.com or call our support team on 9174-000456. However, the most convenient way is to reschedule a job through our web page.

Can I place a service request without registering on your site?

While we highly recommend you register with us first, you could also place a service request with our registered Customer Care Number which is mention our web site www.uoons.com. You do not have to worry about unnecessary calls or messages from us. We have a strict policy against that practice.

How many time you take to send a quotation for mobile repairing?

Initially, an approximate quote is provided post evaluation at your house. If agreeable, we provide a final quote within 24 hours of pickup.

Do I still need to pay a fee, if you can’t repair my phone?

There are two kind of charges- Visiting charge and Inspection charge. If the device is not repairable, aminimum visiting charge is applicableRs. 99/-. However, the Inspection charge is only applicable if the device is repairable and you decide NOT to go ahead with the repair, after inspection.Inspection charge is only Rs. 199/- per device.

Do you provide material and/or service warranty?

Warranty or guarantee on parts are offered as described on the material’s bill. Please insist on a material bill from the service provider, in case of external material charges. Regarding service, there is a 3 days warranty, such that if a problem of the same nature reoccurs, our services will be free of cost.